Monday, January 9, 2012

New Safety Products to the Market for 2012


8210V- New valved disposable respirator.

Versa-Flow Respirator- New Power Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)-

H-700 Series Hard Hat with Uvicator™ Sensor- newest addition to the H-700 series hard hat family. This award-winning, lightweight hard hat offers the extended comfort and protection, and also features a sensor that changes color as the hard hat is exposed to UV light. H-700 Series Hard Hat is available with a 4-point ratchet or pinlock suspension and an optional 6-point strap.


VGard Accessory System-

ALTAIR® 5X Multigas Detector with MSA XCell® Sensor Technology- The ALTAIR 5X Detector allows for an industry-first LEL, O2, CO, H2S, and SO2 60-second span calibration and 10-second bump test time. The ALTAIR 5X Detector is equipped with an internal integral pump. 4-year expected sensor life on LEL, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, IR,and standard 3-year instrument warranty. 3-year expected sensor life on NH3, Cl2, and standard 2-year warranty.


Sperian/North/Howard Light/Miller

UVEX VersaPro safety eyewear-

UVEX ExtremePro safety eyewear-

Miller Turbo T-BAK™ Personal Fall Limiter-

Miller Fusion™ Roof Anchor Post- Permanent or Temporary Solutions for Roof Safety! With a variety of models available, the versatile, single-point anchor adapts to a wide range of roof designs including standing seam, membrane, built-up, metal sheathing, concrete and wood. The innovative base plate is designed for quick set-up, not requiring roof penetration to sub-surface rafters or trusses.

Capital Safety/DBI-

Exofit NEX Arc Flash Harness- ExoFit NEX™ Arc Flash models incorporate Nomex®/Kevlar® construction featuring flame resistant and non-conductive properties, making them perfect for use in any industry where high voltage electricity or hot-work such as welding is a concern.

DBI-SALA™ Nano-Lok™ Self Retracting Lifeline- At only 1.6 lbs, the SRL’s are virtually unnoticeable to the user when worn and provide the ultimate work site flexibility. The Nano-Lok SRL’s are 15 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than competing products, making them the most compact and lightweight self retracting lifelines on the market. The lightweight design provides the ultimate comfort and productivity, while still being able to protect workers up to 420 lbs. Available in Single leg and Twin Leg. HOT NEW ITEM,467&SortField=DateCreated%20DESC,ProductNumber%20DESC&resultTitle=SRLs%20Blocks%3Cbr%3Eundefined


G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves with Dyneema® Fiber -

AIRMAX* Powered Air Purifying Respirator - New Welding PAPR-


M-PACT ORHD- Oil Rigger Glove- You’ve tried the rest….Now try the BEST.

M-PACT EXP-1- High impact job situations require highly visible hands. We’ve covered almost every area of the Mechanix Wear® Safety Specialty M-Pact® EXP-1™ with reflective and hi viz material to make hands easy to locate and identify on the job, with PORON® XRD palm pads for impact protection, a second layer of high abrasion resistance rubberized grip, and a red silicone panel in the primary gripping area. This glove will be the standard in safety hand protection.

M-PACT EXP-2- To safeguard often forgotten wrists in high impact situations, we created the Mechanix Wear® Safety Specialty M-Pact® EXP-2™. This glove features an extended and embossed vinyl cuff designed to dull potential impact to the outer wrist. A rubberized top of hand is protected by a 5mm EVA encased TPR shell, highly visible red silicone coverage with anatomically interspersed flex points for excellent dexterity, and a molded flex thumb guard makes this the ultimate in impact hand protection.

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