Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grants & Funding For Traffic Calming Solutions

Funding Resources

Applying for a traffic safety grant can provide funding to purchase traffic calming products and address safety concerns in your neighborhood.
There are three types of grants generally available for traffic safety programs: federal grants, state grants, and local government grants. Locating and applying for one of these grants may seem daunting, but can be accomplished with determination and persistence.
Local city managers and city or county officials often know of grant opportunities. You can visit the website of your state, city or county for information on available funding. Calling local officials can also help you find more information about locally available grants.
Below, please find links to assist you in obtaining funding for your traffic calming program.

Finding Funding

Safe Routes to School – Safe Routes to School is a federally funded program aimed at increasing the health of children by encouraging students to walk and bike to school. These funds are earmarked to reduce traffic and improve safety near primary and middle schools. Traffic Logix radar speed signs and interlocking rubber solutions have been used in several school zones funded by Safe Routes and are an ideal solution to keep streets near schools safe and encourage children to be more physically active.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Grants – The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance provides detailed program descriptions for thousands of Federal assistance programs. Search for relevant keywords and learn what Federal funding opportunities are available that can help fund your traffic calming program. New opportunities are listed often so check back if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Community Oriented Policing Services Funding – COPS Funding opportunities are listed here from the US Department of Justice. These grants give local law enforcement the resources to serve their communities in new ways.

US Department of Justice Funding – This website lists Department of Justice funding opportunities. Some may be applicable or used toward traffic calming initiatives.

Government grants listing and application – Grants.gov is a fundamental resource for applying for federal funds. You can search for opportunities on this website as well as submit your grant proposal to most federal agencies.

Police One- Police One’s grant section helps keep Law Enforcement informed of grants to fund a variety of programs and product purchases.

Police Grants Help- Policegrantshelp.com provides comprehensive resources for searching for police grants, with a database of federal, state, local, and corporate grant opportunities.

Firefighters Grants- The US Fire Administration website lists financial assistance opportunities available for firefighters.

Guide to state and local government websites – There is often funding available on the state or local level. To find grant opportunities in your area, use this website to find your state government and search their site or contact your local representative to learn more about funding in your area.

Grant Writing Guides
Writing a grant proposal can be daunting. Here are some valuable resources to assist you in the grant writing process.

Grant writing guide
Comprehensive guide to getting a grant

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