Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Industrial & Commercial Flotation Devices from Coleman Stearns

Industrial & Commercial Life Jackets

Stearns® Premium Quality Safety Life Jackets & Gear

When it comes to protective industrial outerwear that are a necessity for working and living on or near the water, look no further than the Stearns® line of commercial life jackets and industrial safety life jackets. We strive for a higher level of performance in our outerwear than just the minimum amount of safety. Check out our gear, safety clothing that covers everything from vests, commercial and safety life jackets, coats and hoods to infant carriers and bib overalls. For jobs that require an uncompromising level of quality, choose Stearns, The Life Jacket Experts.

Law Enforcement

Protective outerwear that is built for speed, safety, and visibility. Stearns® SOLAS vests and jackets are essential equipment when duty calls you past the water’s edge. Safety clothes that feature wider cuts for carrying extra equipment is just one of the differences in our gear, designed to help those answering the call, no matter the weather.


Count on these specialized Stearns products, made specifically to meet and exceed the water safety needs for the men and women who answer the call. Mission-specific items are available, as well as durable SOLAS gear for when the going gets tough. These products are available to members of the Department of Defense as well as other Government users.

Search & Rescue

Stearns® search and rescue gear offers the best in protective outerwear. Disaster response doesn’t wait for you to go get the right gear. Be prepared, and limit your exposure with the best protective gear available. Our gear protects the worker, with long term use and water tight comfort being a priority.

Buoys & Accessories

Life rings, buoys and throwable rescue bags are often the first line of defense when emergencies develop at sea. No special training needed – these Coast Guard Approved devices make safety of life at sea accessible to everyone. Easy devices that can be used by all hands, from a novice to an experienced hand.

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