Thursday, April 19, 2012

MSA Skullguard Caps & Hats Type 1 Hard Hats

Skullgard’s® heavy-duty construction makes it the clear choice for working in high-temperature environments where falling objects can be a problem. It’s perfect for workers in steel mills and other heavy industries. All Skullgard Headwear feature 4-point suspensions and meet or exceed Type I Helmet (top impact) requirements in ANSI Z89.1-2009, Class G.

  • Model Number: 475395, 454617, 816651, 475407, 454664, 475396, 454618, 475408, 454665, 454620, 454621, 454668, 454622, 454623, 454626, 454673, 454666
  • UOM: EA
  • Properties:
    • Comes with MSA’s Staz On, Fas-Trac or Swing-Ratchet suspension
    • Feature heavy duty construction for use in steel mills and other heavy industries where elevated temperatures are common
    • Meets or exceeds the applicable requirements for a Type 1 helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class G (electrical-low voltage)

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Prod #DescriptionQtyPriceQtyPrice
MSA 475395Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Natural Tan1+$79.0516+$75.20In Stock
MSA 475407Hat w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Natural Tan1+$86.7716+$82.53In Stock
MSA 475408Hat w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, White1+$90.4216+$86.01In Stock
MSA 475396Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, White1+$82.8316+$78.78In Stock
MSA 454617Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Natural Tan1+$70.4116+$66.98In Stock
MSA 454618Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, White1+$74.1816+$70.56In Stock
MSA 454620Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Red1+$74.1816+$70.56In Stock
MSA 454621Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Green1+$74.1816+$70.56In Stock
MSA 454622Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Gray1+$74.1816+$70.56In Stock
MSA 454623Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Blue1+$74.1816+$70.56Call for Availability
MSA 454626Cap w/ Staz On Suspension, Orange1+$74.1816+$70.56In Stock
MSA 816651Cap w/ Swing-Ratchet Suspension, Natural Tan1+$83.8716+$79.78In Stock
MSA 454664Hat w/ Staz On Suspension, Natural Tan1+$78.4216+$74.60In Stock
MSA 454665Hat w/ Staz On Suspension, White1+$82.0416+$78.03In Stock
MSA 454666Hat w/ Staz On Suspension, Yellow1+$82.0416+$78.03In Stock
MSA 454668Hat w/ Staz On Suspension, Green1+$82.0416+$78.03In Stock
MSA 454673Hat w/ Staz On Suspension, Orange1+$82.0416+$78.03Call for Availability

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